2017 New Zealand REAA Continuing Education (CE)

The REAA requires every person who holds a current real estate certificate or license to attend ongoing learning every year to remain current in knowledge and skill that ultimately provides consumer protection and a consistently high standard of service for the buying, selling and leasing public.

We develop verifiable and non-verifiable learning each year

We deliver our content online and partner with REINZ for classroom delivery

We assess your work and provide student help and update your training attendance records online

We report your results to the REAA on your behalf

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The REAA requires every person who holds a current real estate certificate or license to attend ongoing learning every year to remain current in knowledge and skill that ultimately provides consumer protection and a consistently high standard of service for the buying, selling and leasing public.


The Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA) recognises that continuing education is necessary to:

  • raise and maintain industry standards
  • promote consumer confidence in the real estate industry

The REAA has therefore designed a continuing education program to improve licensees’ knowledge of the law, rules and regulations that govern the industry, to understand and uphold the concepts of ethics and professional competence in a real estate context, and to improve their skills and judgement.

20 hours of continuing education is required each year.

  • 10 hours Verifiable education covering industry content and assessment specified by the REAA.
  • 10 hours Non-Verifiable education covering general real estate knowledge and skills used in the field.

Note that 20 hours of continuing education the Authority requires all licensees to complete is a minimum, not a maximum.


Harcourts can provide all 20 hours

Verifiable Hours

10 Hours
Academy Online Workshops
10 Hours
Harcourts and REINZ Classroom Workshops

Non-verifiable Hours

8 Hours
Harcourts May Conference
2 Hours
Harcourts classroom workshops
(or other provider's online workshops e.g. REINZ)

Verifiable content for 2017

The 10 hours of verifiable continuing education for 2017 is split into the following topics:

Topic 1
Disclosure remains an important issue (1 hour)
Topic 2
Essential documentation (Part A) (2½ hours)
Topic 3
Essential documentation (Part B) (1½ hours)
Topic 4
Essential documentation (Part C) (1 hour)
Topic 5
Physical property inspection (Part A) (2½ hours)
Topic 6
Physical property inspection (Part B) (1½ hours)

The topics must be completed in the order they are presented as later topics build on knowledge covered in earlier topics.

All topics are compulsory and there are no specialist strands.

The Topic for 2017

The topic for 2017 is Knowing and communicating what you are selling.

The key learning objectives for this program are to understand the following:

  • Protection against complaints to the REAA through adequate disclosure.
  • The importance of obtaining consent of client vendor / lessor to disclose.
  • What disclosure means and important rules and legislation relating to disclosure obligations to client and customer.
  • Where information that licensees need to disclose comes from.
  • The licensee’s role in terms of disclosure.
  • Recognising ‘red flags’.
  • When to disclose.
  • Disclosure of sensitive issues.
  • ‘As is / where is’ provisions do not negate disclosure obligations.
  • Disclosure and the Overseas Investment Act 2005.
  • The importance of appropriate communication and a demonstrated, documented process.
  • What a Certificate of Title is, where it is found and what it means.
  • Legal tenure.
  • Interests, encumbrances and restrictions.
  • What a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) report is, where it is found and what it means.
  • Property files.
  • Compliance with the Resource Management Act 1991 and the Building Act 2004 (district, regional and unitary plans, Building Act and Building Code, zoning).
  • Resource consents.
  • Building consents, code compliance certificates, certificates of acceptance, building permits and safe and sanitary reports.
  • When compliance cannot be verified.
  • Notice to fix section 95A letter.
  • Disclosure in transactions involving property development.
  • Dealing with different authorities.
  • Information / reports from other sources, conflicting reports and how to deal with them.
  • Issues with passing on information that has not been verified.
  • Issues with disclaimers.
  • Conducting a physical property inspection - inspection of land, inspection of buildings and other structures.
  • Issues involving claims made in relation to damage of the property.
  • Issues beyond the boundary.
  • Interaction on site with a client vendor/lessor.
  • Sample questions to vendor checklists.
  • Issues involving approvals given and any signed variations.
  • Issues involving stigmatised neighbouring properties.
  • Dealing with third parties and information learned from them.

How to Get Started

Online workshops: Complete your Verifiable Continuing Education online

Harcourts Conference: Harcourts 2017 Conference held in May

2016 Refresher

If you are reviving a suspended licence after a period of 12 months or more, you will need to complete a refresher course (to get up to speed with what you have missed) plus the continuing education for the calendar year in which you revive your licence.

You must complete the continuing education by 31 December of the year in which you revive your licence, and you must complete the refresher training before you renew your licence for the second time.

The Academy is not offering 2016 Verifiable Continuing Education Referesher training this year.

The Support Behind You

  • Contact your local Academy trainer for information, assistance and advice (Northern and Central, Wellington, South Island
  • Use the Academy helpdesk during self-paced learning online
  • Go to HarcourtsOne > Search Directory > (your name) > Training Attended to access your classroom training attendance - records (Please note that your verifiable online CE records are updated nightly)
  • All verifiable training records will be sent to the REAA by Harcourts on your behalf