How do I gain a Real Estate Salesperson's Registration Certificate?

Where do you live?


To become a real estate consultant in Australia you need to gain your Real Estate Salesperson's Certificate. It is a legal requirement.

Sales Registration can be gained through the Harcourts Academy's Sales Program. This involves:

  1. Completing approximately 4 hours of online learning prior to the commencement of the Sales Program classroom training
  2. Attending 4 days Sales Program - Getting Started the Harcourts Way - classroom training
  3. Receiving a Statement of Attainment certificate from Harcourts Academy
  4. Submitting the Statement of Attainment with an application form to the Office of Fair Trading
  5. Receive the official Sales Registration Certificate from the state governing body in 1 to 8 weeks

45 days later students complete a further 1 day of training after some in-the-field experience.

New Zealand

To become a real estate consultant in New Zealand you need to gain a National Certificate in Real Estate (Salesperson). It is a legal requirement.